It’s not just about your phone. Or your tablet. It’s about everything: Your house. Your car. Your clothes. Your pets. Your job. Your kids. Your life.

The philosophers have long said “Everything is Connected.” Their words are true. We’re living on a whole new world. Or maybe a different planet. We’re BoM.

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At BoM, Trying to Get a Handle on Tomorrow’s Tech

Originally published in the online and print version of the New York Times. Author: Stuart Elliot - A LEADING digital agency is starting a unit devoted to mobile technology in another example of efforts on Madison Avenue to keep up with the fast-changing landscape embodied by the term “the Internet of Things,”

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Can you go 10 minutes without touching your phone?

In this age of the ever-present smartphone and our ‘always on’ lifestyle, requesting that people leave their phone alone for even a brief span of time is a hard thing to ask, but in this case, instead of harping on the lack of manners that some gadget addicts display, you can point out the potential benefit to others that doing so can have.

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Finding the Right Message for the Multi-Device World

With SXSWi now in the rear-view mirror, I’m left contemplating the usual questions: Where is content going? What is happening to devices and how people use them? What is the right message for consumers in this new world? How does that message change from device to device and channel to channel?

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